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Version History


May 6, 2024

Changes in this version:
  • Added support for PASM with PADM on 991 911, 981 Boxster, and 981 Cayman


March 28, 2023

Changes in this version:
  • Updated firmware for tools sold from May 2022


March 16, 2023

Changes in this version:
  • Corrects trouble with engine Actual Values on 1999 models


January 19, 2023

Changes in this version:
  • Improves communication protocol handling for late model cars


January 13, 2023

Changes in this version:
  • Adds support for new interface hardware
  • Corrects Actual Values issue on early 9x6 models using the ME5.2.2 engine module
  • Corrects low-level diagnostic communications with 9x6, 9x7, and 9x1
  • Minor user-interface enhancements


October 20, 2022

Changes in this version:
  • Resolves communications log submission problem


October 13, 2022

Changes in this version:
  • Resolves erroneous "VIN limit reached" message


Aug 8, 2022

Changes in this version:
  • Firmware update to support minor hardware change released with cables sold as of today.


Aug 1, 2022

Changes in this version:
  • Reveals previously lost list of values under ME781 Actual Values option
  • Resolves issue where the software won't open with older cables


Jun 24, 2022

Changes in this version:
  • Fix for erroneous VIN limit reached message in new cable hardware


Jun 17, 2022

Changes in this version:
  • Change to cable detection process
  • Updated firmware


May 10, 2022

Changes in this version:
  • Improved hardware support
  • Updated firmware


May 5, 2022

Changes in this version:
  • Adds support for newly-designed cable hardware
  • Resolves trouble with software "not responding" during Short Test and Clear Faults actions
  • Resolves trouble with access to BCM in 981/991 models
  • Resolves trouble accessing Cayenne PSM
  • Adds support for more 996 instrument cluster "Types" for enabling cruise control (Pro kits only)
  • Improves access to 993 control modules


May 7, 2020

Changes in this version:
  • Added actual values for ME781 engine module DMEType 0760
  • Edited SDI3 ready status flags list
  • Improved connectivity to 2014-2015 Macan engine


January 3, 2019

Changes in this version:
  • General communication improvements
  • Clarify Actual Values listings on 997.1


July 25, 2018

Changes in this version:
  • Fixes 9x1 issue with software hang-up during Short Test and Erase All Faults


May 16, 2018

Changes in this version:
  • Adds support for access to i48 alarm unit type in 9x6 models
  • Correct some fault code listings in 991


Mar 20, 2018

Changes in this version:
  • Corrects access issue on V6 Cayenne engine
  • Corrects access issue on Cayenne transfer case
  • Corrects 991 Short Test hang-up


Sep 27, 2017

Changes in this version:
  • Fixes auto-detection issues
  • Fixes erroneous "16" fault code from 996 cab top module
  • Fixes Cayenne level control calibration failure
  • Fixes 981 PDK access issue


May 3, 2017

Changes in this version:
  • Fixes fault code erase on some models.


April 11, 2017

Changes in this version:
  • Further communication improvement between software and cable.


March 31, 2017

Changes in this version:
  • Improves communication on 9x6 models.
  • Faster firmware load times.


March 30, 2017

Changes in this version:
  • Improves communication on 2003 - 2008 Cayenne models.
  • Improves firmware update procedure.
  • Incremental additions to support of 9x1 models.


May 20, 2016

Changes in this version:
  • Improves communication with 9x7 and newer models.


Jan 29, 2016

Changes in this version:
  • Resolves service reset problem on Macan, Cayenne (958), and Panamera.
  • Cable firmware update to correct Actual Values protocol handling on newer models.
  • Cable firmware update directs to appropriate program folder.


Nov 10, 2015

Changes in this version:
  • Cable firmware update.
  • Internal command handling update.


Sept, 2015

Changes in this version:
  • Cable firmware update included.

July 2, 2015

Changes in this version:
  • Correction to fault clearing on late 996 tiptronic units.


June 29, 2015

Changes in this version:
  • Correction to Actual Values handling in new cable hardware.

June 18, 2015

Changes in this version:
  • Minor connection issue resolution in 2011+ models

June 4, 2015

Changes in this version:
  • Correction of support for 95B Macan service resets
  • Correction of system not responding
  • Updated firmware to resolve issues connecting to Cayenne and pre-1996 models
  • Correction of communications log file submission
  • Correction of communiation with MS 3.1 engine units

May 4, 2015

Changes in this version:
  • Software and cable driver changes to support updated interface hardware.

April 9, 2015

Changes in this version:
  • Various minor changes

Jan 30, 2015

Changes in this version:
  • Addition of support for 2014+ Porsche Macan

Sept 10, 2014

Changes in this version:
  • Fix for 997TT engine Actual Values display
  • Provides the ability to open the program successfully before cable connection

June 4, 2014

Changes in this version:
  • Support for 981 Cayman added
  • Correction to Cayenne V8 engine unit fault code reading
  • Correction to Actual Values reading on some engine units
  • Correction to cable connect requirement after initial installation

Sept 5, 2013

Changes in this version:
  • Correction to engine oil service resets on 981 / 991
  • Correction to B05 airbag fault code reading
  • Correction to V01 cabriolet top fault code reading and calibration
  • Correction to G100 tiptronic connection on 996
  • Correction to tiptronic fault code reading on 9x7
  • Added ignition ranges for ME711 engine unit
  • Added operating hours display for B05 airbag unit

Dec 10, 2012

Changes in this version:
  • Corrected i32 alarm unit fault code reading

Dec 3, 2012

Changes in this version:
  • Corrected 958 Cayenne service resets
  • Corrected Actual Values and Information failure on ME781 turbo and ME782 engine units.

Nov 26, 2012

Changes in this version:
  • Complete re-work of program to streamline code
  • Corrected fault code display for Cayenne engine units
  • Corrected cable detection issue
  • Corrected 958 Cayenne V8 engine selection issue
  • Corrected Electrical System fault code reading on Cayenne
  • Corrected Input Signals display for 986 / 996 modules
  • Corrected cruise control activation on 9x6
Version - Beta Release

June 2, 2012

Changes in this version:
  • 2011+ Diesel model oil service resets
Version - Beta Release

May 16, 2012

Changes in this version:
  • Corrected support for oil service resets on 2011+ Diesel models
  • Choose Vehicle screen layout re-organized
  • Work Logs are now saved to the n:\ProgramData\Diagnose Technic\Work Logs folder
Version - Beta Release

Mar 27, 2012

Changes in this version:
  • Correction to listing of supported control units on Panamera and 2011+ Cayenne
Version - Beta Release

Mar 21, 2012

Changes in this version:
  • Correction to issue with handling of duplicate names in Information screen
  • Correction of fault code display affecting Cayenne Electrical System ECU
  • Minor correction to display of U-codes in late model cars
Version - Beta Release

Mar 6, 2012

Changes in this version:
  • Correction to service resets in Panamera and 2011+ Cayenne, 981, and 991
  • Correction to fault code display on Cayenne, 997, and others
Version - Beta Release

Feb 23, 2012

Changes in this version:
  • Correction to problem reading Actual Values on SDI3 engine unit
  • Adds support specific to SDI3 Turbo units on later 997 TT including turbo-specific Actual Values
Version - Beta Release

Feb 16, 2012

Changes in this version:
  • Addition of support for the Panamera
  • Addition of support for the 2011+ Cayenne
  • Addition of support for the new 911 (991)
  • Addition of support for the new Boxster (981)
  • Support for service reminder resets on the above models

Feb 16, 2012

Changes to this version:
  • Correction of issues reading Actual Values on 997 TT
  • Corrected the display of Identification details for the 996 tiptronic unit
Version BETA

Dec 28, 2011

Changes to this version:
  • Correction to the calculation of some Actual Values on Cayennes using the SDI4 control module.
Version BETA

Dec 11, 2011

Changes to this version:
  • Correction of the display of fault codes on the Cayenne Gateway unit.
  • Correction of display of P-codes on ME781, ME782, and SDI3 engine units.
  • Service Reset on the Cayenne is moved from under "Activations" to under "Commands" on the instrument cluster which now standardizes this option across all models.
Version BETA

Dec 8, 2011

Changes to this version:
  • Correction of the display of P-codes on Cayenne modules, including SDI4 engine unit.
  • Correction of display of P-codes on ME781 and SDI3 engine units.
  • Addition of "Camshaft Deviation Bank 2" values under Actual Values of ME552 engine unit (early USA 986 / 996 models only)
  • Addition of "Secondary Air Injection" drive link under Activations for ME522 engine unit (early 986 / 996 models)
Version BETA

Oct 27, 2011

Changes to this version:
  • Correction to MAF values displayed for Cayenne under Actual Values.
  • Correction to POSIP coding for 987 / 997 to better handle some response types from the control unit.
Version BETA

Sep 7, 2011

In this version:
  • Correction to the display of fault codes on Cayenne
  • Addition of support for ABS on the 911 993
Version BETA

Aug 25, 2011

In this version, a problem with the OBC enable and boost gauge on the 996TT is resolved. An option to re-enable the boost gauge on these models is included with this release.
Version BETA

Aug 17, 2011

Very minor updates across the spectrum of the program.
Version BETA

Aug 12, 2011

In this version, an issue with the ME 7.8.2 engine unit was corrected. This applies to the 2010+ GT3
Version BETA

Aug 12, 2011
In this version, a minor correction was made to the program's cable management process. This does not affect the use of the tool on any models.
Version BETA

July 25, 2011
  • Corrected connectivity issues on 2004 Cayenne
  • Resolved issue connecting to Cayenne Electrical System control unit
  • Corrected issue with Cayenne ride-height calibration
  • Corrected issues of fault code lookup for pre-1996 Porsches
Version BETA

July 5, 2011

Support Added For:
  • ME 7.8.2 engine unit used on 2.9L Boxster and Cayman and the 2010 GT3
  • Throttle body adaptations for the SDI3, SDI4, and ME 7.1.1 engine units
Bug Fixes:
  • Corrected engine identification issues on the SDI3, ME781, and ME782 units
  • Over-rev information now working properly on SDI3 engine unit (2009+ NA 911)
  • PDK fault codes now display correctly
  • Coding on POSIP unit corrected
  • Corrected ABS connection issues on 986 / 996
Version BETA

June 3, 2011

Support Added For:
  • 928 - Engine, Tiptronic, Airbag, ABS/PDAS, Tire Pressure, Alarm
  • 944 - Engine, Tiptronic, Airbag, Alarm
  • 968 - Engine, Tiptronic, Airbag, Alarm
  • 964 - Engine, Tiptronic, ABS/PDAS, Heating, Airbag, Alarm
  • 993 - Engine, Tiptronic, ABS/PDAS, Heating, Airbag, Alarm
Bug Fixes:
  • ABS 5.3 Identification / Information details display issue resolved
  • Actual Values issue selecting multiple values on 996 TT models
Version BETA

April 15, 2011

Improvements / Fixes
  • Major changes to the management of communications timing affecting connection consistency. Most likely to affect communication trouble on 2005+ Cayennes.
  • Fixed Coding option on 9x7 instrument cluster.
  • Fixed Coding option on 9x7 POSIP units.
  • Fixed issue with fault code lookups on Cayenne Park Assist unit.
Additional Support
  • Added individual support for the 993 airbag units. B02 and B03 airbag options found under the Individual Control Modules tab.
Version BETA

Feb 11, 2011

Installation change
  • Changed the installation process from using Microsoft's ClickOnce to the more typical MSI Microsoft installer file
Version BETA

Dec 3, 2010

Bug Fixes
  • Corrected a problem with installation to Windows XP
Version BETA

Nov 21, 2010

Bug Fixes
  • Corrected problem with erroneous VIN capture
  • Corrected problem with the Activations accessed under the Actual Values option
Version BETA

Nov 3, 2010

Bug Fixes
  • Cayenne fault code reading issue corrected
  • Cayenne service reminder reset issue corrected
  • OBC enable timing issue for 986 Boxsters corrected
  • Steering angle calibration issue relating to ABS 5.3 and 5.7 corrected
  • Airbag B05 fault descriptions corrected
  • Vehicle country code misidentification corrected
  • Activations on early 986 Boxsters corrected

  • Cayenne fault code status details, including:
    • Whether the fault is active or not active
    • The cause of the fault
    • If it has been tested
    • If it will trigger a DTC light
  • New features for Cayenne:
    • Adaptations
    • Basic Settings
    • Coding
    • Output Test
Version BETA

October 3, 2010

Bug Fix
  • Critical cable firmware update included with this release. This affects a small subset of cables.
Version BETA

October 3, 2010

  • Added support for enabling the cruise control on 986 to the instrument cluster
  • OBC enable feature improved
  • Fixed issue with reading fault codes on the ABS 5.3 units
Version BETA

August 10, 2010

New Features
  • Support for 2003 - 2010 Cayennes
    • Automatic detection of control unit list
    • Read and clear fault codes
    • Reset service reminders
    • Actual Values support for all units for which support is available in the factory tool - and then some
    • Input signals support on many control units
    • MED9 engine unit for 2008+ V6 models supported
    • EDC17 engine unit for 2009+ diesel models supported
    • SDI4 engine unit for 2008+ petrol models supported
    • Automatic detection of appropriate communications protocol included
  • Improved overall performance of the Actual Values feature
Version BETA

October 26th 2009

Bug Fix
  • Fixed trouble reading Actual Values on the 986 / 996 (zero values or program freeze)
  • Fixed trouble causing "Did not received correct number of bytes from control unit" when activating the OBC on the 986
Since this is a beta release of a major, long-term project, issues or problems are expected. We had very few problems with the first release supporting the 9x7 models, but there may be new problems introduced for 9x6 models. Please contact technical support if you experience any issues with version 6.

Version 6 is only compatible with our second generation diagnostic interface cables. If you purchased your kit after February 2008, then it is a second generation kit.
If you aren't sure, check this list:
  • The cables with a box in the middle of the wire are first generation cables and not compatible.
  • Cables with the electronics in the connector can be either first or second generation.
    • If the cable has the light on the side that reads "Durametric," then it is a second generation interface cable and it is compatible.
    • If the cable has the light on the side that reads "Enthusiast" or "Professional," then it is a first generation interface cable and not compatible.
  • Customers with first generation interfaces can upgrade to the second generation interface for $150 USD.
  • For more information about why we are not supporting the first generation interfaces and details about upgrades, please see our Upgrade FAQ

Durametric version 5 and version 6 can be installed at the same time on the same computer.
Click here to install version 6.
Version BETA

September 28th 2009

Second release of Durametric 6.0
  • Added Coverage for 996 and Boxster (986)
  • Many new features that are not available in Durametric 5. Here are some examples:
    • Enabling and disabling the On Board Computer (OBC). Even though this is technically "coding," it is included in both the Enthusiast and Professional kits
    • Clearing fault codes on Alarm, along with other alarm features like activations and input signals
    • Brake bleeding
    • Activations on most modules
    • Coverage for every possible control module on Boxster and 996. New for version 6.0: Litronic headlight control (HBA), Roll-over protection, Park assist, and Targa control modules
    • Coding on some modules
    • Actual values on more modules
    • And much more...
Version 6.0.0 BETA

July 26th 2009

First release of Durametric 6.0
  • Coverage for 997, Boxster (987), Cayman only.
  • 100% new code! Durametric 6.0 shares no code with Durametric 5.
  • Added coverage for many new control modules. We now cover every module possible in the 9x7 cars.
  • Automatic vehicle recognition! On 9x7 cars, the software will automatically detect vehicle type and the modules that are installed.
  • New short test allows scanning all modules for faults and see all faults on one screen.
  • Quick erase allows faults to be cleared from all modules in one operation.
  • Support for non-critical faults. In some cases a module may have fault codes that do not require action. These faults will be indicated with a yellow icon.
  • Support for activations in most modules.
  • Support for actual values in most modules.
  • Support for 2009 DFI cars' Siemens SDI3 ECU.
  • Support for PDK transmissions.
  • System / Short tests on engine modules.
  • Freeze frame information on engine modules.
  • Coding on many modules (professional version only), some examples of things that can be coded are:
    • Added or removing control modules from the car. For example, disabling TPM, or PASM.
    • Recoding of airbag to allow racing seats to be installed and not trigger an airbag light.
    • Activating day time running lights.
    • Adjusting the behavior of each key.
    • And much more...
  • 997 Convertible top calibration.
  • Brake bleeding.
  • Improved installation process.
  • Automatic software updates.
  • Improved work log.
  • Command console (professional version only). Provides direct communication with the control module for advanced users.
  • Workshop information. Professional version can add your shop information to appear on customer printouts.
  • And many other new features
Version 5.1.3

Download this version
December 11th 2008

Bug Fix
  • Fix problem connecting to Cayenne transfer case
  • Fixed units of measure on Motronic 7.8.1 input air pressure
Version 5.1.2

October 7th 2008

  • Added new button under options for testing the k-lines in the vehicle. This will check the car to make sure the k-lines are not shorted to ground or power.
  • Added actual values for Boxster, and 996 ABS systems
  • Added additional identification data to the Boxster and 996 ABS system
Version 5.1.1

August 1st 2008

Bug Fix
  • Fixed problem clearing fault codes on 9x7 Airbag modules
Version 5.1.0

June 8th 2008

  • Added support for Actual Values on PSM8 for 997, 987 Boxster, and Cayman
  • Added steering angle calibration on Cayenne
  • Added menu for 2008+ Cayenne

Bug Fix
  • Timing improvement for 1997 Boxster ECU ID screen
  • Fixed clearing DME codes on 2005-2006 Cayenne
Version 5.0.13

May 7th 2008

Bug Fix
  • Fix for selecting actual values on 996 Turbo
Version 5.0.12

April 24th 2008

  • Added display of adaptation values to ECU ID screen on 2002+ 996 Tiptronic modules

Bug Fix
  • Changed k-line for communication of 2002+ 996 Tiptronic modules
Version 5.0.11

April 22nd 2008

  • Added 2001+ 996 Tiptronic support include reading and clearing codes, and resetting adaptation

Bug Fix
  • Fix reading fault codes on 2007 and 2008 997 factory race cars
Version 5.0.10

April 20th 2008

  • Automatic recovery if firmware is not loaded correctly. If firmware update is interrupted, firmware will now re-load at next program start.

Bug Fix
  • Corrected display issue for ABS 5 & ABS/ABD 5 where software would not correctly display on some cars with zero faults
Version 5.0.9

April 7th 2008

  • Added additional version of Motronic 5.2.2 to automatic identification of DME affecting early 1997 Boxster only
Version 5.0.8

April 3rd 2008

Bug fixes
  • Fix to communication problem affecting automatic identification of 5.2.2
  • Improve timeout for non-exisitng control modules
Version 5.0.7

March 26th 2008

Bug fixes
  • Minor bugfix affecting 993/964 models communications
Version 5.0.6

March 23rd 2008

New Feautres
  • Added Drive links to Motronic 5.2 for 993, version M05(993 Turbo), M07(1996-1997 993), M14 (1998 993)
  • Added additional drive links for all motronic 2.1 versions
  • Added additional actual values on all motronic 2.1, and motronic 5.2 DME's

Bug fixes
  • Interface cable firmware update to improve communications on 928, 964, 993, 944, 968 (Applies to 2nd generation interface cables only)
    • To install firmware update click on View->Options, then click the "Update Firmware Button" this will take 30-45 seconds. Do not unplug cable while firmware is updating
    • If button does not display then this is a first generation cable and a firmware update is not available
  • Updated timeout on 996 clusters so they time out in 1.2 seconds instead of 4 seconds on versions that do not support fault codes
  • Fixed problem when fault codes would not refresh after saving a actual values log to a directory other than Durametric Software
  • Fixed problem with selecting "Start Over"
Version 5.0.5

March 6th 2008

Bug fixes
  • Fix problem with Cayenne/9x7 Service Reset
Version 5.0.4

Feb 26th 2008

Bug fixes
  • Added second address when searching for PDAS
Version 5.0.3

Feb 13th 2008

New Features
  • Added detection for the computers running on battery power
  • Set the processor state on the computer to full power to improve performance with some control modules
  • Display of more detailed information on Motronic 2.1

Bug fixes
  • Corrected navigation problem when using German language
Version 5.0.2 BETA

Feb 6th 2008

New Features
  • 997 Turbo Actual values
    • All 115 values support in the factory tool
    • sampling is approximatly 6 time faster then the piwis and can sample up to 20 time per second
  • Added Drive links on 911 versions of motronic 2.1
  • Improved performance for all control modules
    • Reading codes on 9x7 is approximatly 2 seconds
    • 9x6 approximatly 4 seconds

Bug fixes
  • Connection problem of 2003-2004 Cayenne
  • M05 was selecting as Motornic 2.1 instead of 5.2
  • Clearing Codes with new interface
Version 5.0.1 BETA

January 30th 2008

  • support for Porsche 928 Diagnosicts
    • LH, read codes, clear codes, ECU identifcation
    • Airbag system
    • PSD including read codes, clear codes, identification, and drive links
    • EZK and Alarm are in progress
  • Added 997/Boxster(987) tire pressure monitoring TPMS/RDK Reading and clearing codes
  • Motronic 3.1 for 996 and 997 CUP and factory race cars
    • supports reading and clearing codes
    • ECU identification
    • actual values
    • a special cable is needed to function with CUP cars this will be available soon contact Durametric for availabilty
  • Input Signals for Motronic 2.1 are now part of the available actual values
  • Input Signals for Motronic 5.2 are now part of the available actual values
  • New instruction manual is now available it can be downloaded here

Bug fixes
  • Fixed problems with validating cable on windows Vista
  • Fixed problems resetting service reminder on 997
  • Fixed Reading some data values on 2008 997 Turbo
  • Fixed problem with program starting before cable driver is installed
Version 5.0.0 BETA

January 20th 2008

Major update please report and bugs, as there has been many changes.
We also have more features and updates in progress that will be release over the next few weeks.
  • Software can now startup and run without the cable plugged in (demo mode)
  • Universal DME Identification no longer need to select version of motronic
  • Universal ABS/PSM identification no longer need to select verion of ABS
  • New Control module support PDAS 1989-1994 Carrera 4 AWD/ABS system
    • Read fault codes
    • Clear Fault Codes
    • ECU Identification
    • Drive Links (Brake Bleeding, Transvese Lock activation)
  • Cayenne 2003-2004
    • Park Assist
    • Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS/RDK)
    • Driver seat memory
    • Passenger seat memory
    • Trailer hitch
    • ECU information on all cayenne modules
    • Expanded fault code status data on all fault codes
  • ABS 5.0 ECU information
  • Airbag B01 ECU information
  • Airbag B02 ECU information
  • Tiptronic G01 ECU informaiton
  • Motronic 2.1 ECU information, Actual Values
  • Motronic 5.2 ECU information, Actual Values
  • 997 Turbo DME ECU information (with Over-rev data)
  • Updated PSM fault code data
  • Motronic MS 3.1 DME 996/997 CUP cars ECU read and clear codes
  • Improved installer
  • Support for new diagnostic interface

Bug fixes
  • Fixed problems clearing codes when PSM has more then 5 faults
  • Fixed drive links on Motronic 5.2.2
Version 4.3.4

Nov 13th 2007

New Features
  • Added Drive links for 997 (normally aspirated), Cayman, 2005+ Boxster

  • Added function descriptions to the top of each tab

Bug fixes
  • Fixed operating hours going negative when they are a high value number
Version 4.3.3

Nov 3rd 2007

New Features
  • Added PTM Control module (997 Turbo All wheel drive systems)

  • Changed excel output format to format cells as numbers instead of text
  • Added name of current control module to the status bar on the bottom
  • Improved reliablity of connection

Bug fixes
  • Improvement to Cayenne service reminder reset
  • Fixed column headers on excel export
  • fixed problem with actual values crashing after being started multiple times
Version 4.3.2

Oct 22nd 2007

New Features
  • Added Carrera Gt Modules
    • Motronic 7.2 DME (master only)
    • ABS 5.7
    • Heating and A/C
    • Airbag
    • Alarm system
    • Instrument cluster
Version 4.3.1

Oct 21st 2007

New Features
  • Added G1xx series tiptronic control modules

Bug Fixes
  • Corrected column headers on Excel export format
  • Corrected problem while actuating drive links
    • We welcome and would like feedback on this release so please let us know of any issues you discover.
Version 4.3.0

Oct 15th 2007

  • New user interface design with easier navigation and simple access to each funtion
  • Device driver available in 32 and 64 bit and digitally signed by Microsoft for the following Operating systems
    • Windows 2000
    • Windows XP
    • Windows XP 64-Bit
    • Windows Server 2003
    • Windows Server 2003 64-Bit
    • Windows Vista
    • Windows Vista 64-Bit
    • This device driver will now be installed automatically and will not require the "Continue anyway" dialog
  • New support for drive links (the ability to actuate and initiate engine functions) for example turn off each injector to check for misfire, or turn on secondary injection pump
    • Boxster Motronic 5.2.2
    • Boxster Motronic 7.2
    • Boxster Motronic 7.8
    • 996 Motronic 5.2.2
    • 996 Motronic 7.2
    • 996 Motronic 7.8
    • 996 Motronic 7.8 Turbo
  • New graph function for actual values
  • Actaul values are now saved so when returning to actual values the last values used will still be selected
  • After stoping actual values you can now scroll back through the collected data and see all previous point
  • New status display in the lower left corner of the screen show the application status and other useful information
  • Screen size is now fully adjustable to acomadate almost any screen resolution this to assist people using small specialized computer with irregular resolutions

Please note since there are large number of changes in this version there is prone to be some bugs, and known issues with this release
  • This version is not yet functionally on 64 bit operating systems
  • This version has not yet been localized into other languages and will still contain some informaiton in English only
  • Some non-selectable actual values are not yet architecture this affects Actual values on ABS 5.3, and ABS 5.7

We welcome and would like feedback on this release so please let us know of any issues you discover.
Version 4.2.0

Oct 2nd 2007

New Feature
  • OBD Ready status for Motronic 5.2 on 993 and 993 Turbo
  • 997 Turbo Motronic 7.8.1 Read and Clear fault codes
New package available as a zipped file with the .net framework included can be downloaded here
Version 4.1.3

July 30th 2007

New Feature
  • Automatic Driver Installation for Windows 2000 and Windows Vista
  • Automatic Driver Installation for Windows XP if Cable is plugged in first
  • Automatic Installation Of .net Framework 2.0 when required
  • Automatic Installation Of MDAC 2.8 if required
New package available as a zipped file with the .net framework included can be downloaded here
Version 4.1.2

June 12th 2007

New Feature
  • Added Data Version number to all Motronic 7.8 systems
* This version will require .NET 2.0 runtime to funciton.
.net 2.0 can be download here
Version 4.1.1

June 12th 2007

New Feature
  • Added Airbag B01 Control module
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed problem with 2005-2006 Cayenne crashing on some computers
* This version will require .NET 2.0 runtime to funciton.
.net 2.0 can be download here
Version 4.1.0

June 11th 2007

New Feature
  • Added notes on clearing service reminders to Cayenne, 997, Boxster 987
  • Added pre-installation requirement of MDAC
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed problem with Cayenne actual values not displaying
  • Fixed problem with 2005-2006 Cayenne not displaying fault codes correctly
Version 4.0.8

May 30th 2007

New Feature
  • Added convertible top control module for 996
Version 4.0.7

May 14th 2007

Bug Fix
  • Fixed problem with application failing on Vista 64 Bit
Version 4.0.6

May 9th 2007

Features Added
  • Production release of version 4.0
  • Installer will now automatically upgrade without un-installing previous versions
  • USB driver will be pre-installed
Version 4.0.5 Beta

April 30th 2007

Features Added
  • Added actual values to Cayenne DME
  • Finished German language localization now the user menus are also available in German
  • Fixed Crash errors on 2005-2006 Cayenne
  • Removed requirement for the .net framework to be installed prior to instalation since this causes a problem on Windows Vista
  • Fixed UI glitch with lower task panel
Version 4.0.4 Beta

April 23rd 2007

  • Fix to missing dependency file cause a crash from some users
Version 4.0.2 Beta

April 11th 2007

  • Fix to the FTDI Driver that is used
  • Digitally signed 64 Bit Driver for Microsoft Vista is now available. You can download it here
Version 4.0.1 Beta

April 11th 2007

Features Added
  • Added support for Tiptronic G40 actual values
  • Updated driver files to support new chipset
Version 4.0.0 Beta

April 1st 2007

New languages supported
  • Fault codes, ECU information, and Actual values are now available in the following languages
  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Dutch
  • Swedish
  • By default the software display in the language the computer is set to.
  • Other languages can be selected by clicking "Durametric Information/Config" in the lower left corner
  • If your default language is not available the software will default to English
Features Added
  • Added Airbag for 2005-2006 Cayenne
  • Added PSM for 2005-2006 Cayenne
  • Added Kessy for 2005-2006 Cayenne
  • Added Air Conditioning for 2005-2006 Cayenne
  • Added Vehicle Electrical System for 2005-2006 Cayenne
  • Added Steering Column Switch for 2005-2006 Cayenne
  • Added Wiper for 2005-2006 Cayenne
  • More then 8 actual values can be selected for motronic systems
  • Note: The more actual values are selected the slower the sampling rate will be
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected calculation error affecting Segment (a) and Segament (b) on Actual values of Motronic 5.2.2
Version 3.0.15

January 9th 2007

Features Added
  • Added new support for 944 S2, and 968
  • Includes DME, and Airbag
Version 3.0.14

December 30th 2006

Features Added
  • Added level control/Air Susepension to 2003-2004 Cayenne
Version 3.0.13

December 15th 2006

Bug Fixes
  • Added error control for 997 Cluster
Version 3.0.12

December 13th 2006

  • Optimized logging. Logging was taking too much computer resources on laptops with slower hard drives. This was causing timing problem on some CAN-BUS vehicles
Version 3.0.11

December 5th 2006

  • Added 993 Airbag B03/B04
Version 3.0.10 Beta

November 25th 2006

Bug Fixes
  • Update for 2005 997 service reminder reset
Version 3.0.9

November 18th 2006

  • Actual values can now be stoped and started This allows you to add and change actual values at will
  • Improved scalling on the graph for actual values
Bug Fixes
  • Fix system crash when trying to start actual values without any actual values selected
  • Changed labels on the 02 sensor for 996 Twin Turbo to properly reflect what values return the lambda value
Version 3.0.8

November 13th 2006

  • Added Service Reminder Reset for 997 and 987 Boxster, please give us your feedback on this new feature
  • Slightly improved to sampling speed for all control modules.
Bug Fixes
  • Further improvements to CAN-BUS performance affecting 997 boxster 987.
Version 3.0.7

November 11th 2006

Bug Fixes
  • Improved CAN-BUS protocol affecting 9x7 cars. Some control modules would fail to initialize when multiple fault codes are stored.
Version 3.0.6

November 2nd 2006

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed problem saving log files when target computer has .Net 2.0 installed.
Version 3.0.5

October 22th 2006

  • Added actual values for to Boxster and 996 Heating and A/C
  • Added Service Reminder Reset for Cayenne (Please give us feedback on this since we do not have a car with the reminder to test with)
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected problem on Motronic 7.8 actual values when value was text the program would crash
Version 3.0.3

October 19th 2006

  • Added "System Check" to 9x6 Heating and A/C
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected UI to support 800X600
  • Corrected problems preventing actual values from being reloadable
  • Corrected screen text, on several screens
Version 3.0.2

October 4th 2006

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed problem while loading actual values "Chart Control is not strongly named"
Version 3.0.1 (Beta)

October 4th 2006

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed fault code display problem where some fault codes would cause the program to crash because of incorrect formating
  • Corrected list of models and there corosponding motronic versions on the 996 startup screen.
  • When selecting a module that does not exist in a 9x7 the control module takes 3 minutes to timeout on initialization. Changed this time out to 18 Seconds
Version 3.0.0 (Beta)

October 3rd 2006

  • Added support for PSM 8 / ABS for 997, Boxster (987), Cayman (987)
  • Added support for Posip (Airbag) for 997, Boxster (987), Cayman (987)
  • Added support for AWS for 997, Boxster (987), Cayman (987)
  • Added support for PAS for 997, Boxster (987), Cayman (987)
  • Added support for PASM for 997, Boxster (987), Cayman (987)
  • Added support for Gateway for 997, Boxster (987), Cayman (987)
  • Added support for Instrument Cluster for 997, Boxster (987), Cayman (987)
  • Added support for Air Conditioning for 997, Boxster (987), Cayman (987)
  • Added support for Vehicle Electric System for 997, Boxster (987), Cayman (987)
  • Added support for Steering Column Switch for 997, Boxster (987), Cayman (987)
  • Added support for Front body control unit for 997, Boxster (987), Cayman (987)
  • Added support for Rear body control unit for 997, Boxster (987), Cayman (987)
  • Added support for Left door control unit for 997, Boxster (987), Cayman (987)
  • Added support for Right door control unit for 997, Boxster (987), Cayman (987)
  • Added all six rev counter ranges on Motronic 7.8.1 for 997, Boxster (987), Cayman (987)
  • Our display of rev counter also shows the operating hours that the ignitions occurred in. This is a feature not supported by the factory tool
Bug Fixes
  • Correct transmission serial number from displaying incorrectly on some cars.
  • Fixed UI problem with display log be over the top of clear codes on some laptops.
Version 2.5.1 (Beta)

September 15th 2006

  • Added expanded actual values for Motronic 7.2
  • Added expanded actual values for Motronic 5.2.2
Version 2.5.0 (Beta)

August 31st 2006
  • All new actual value display
  • Supports logging files directly to CSV or Excel
  • Allow actual values to be graphed and plotted in real time
  • Up to 8 actual values can be selected at one time
  • Can display all actual values supported in Motronic 7.8, 7.8 (997), and 7.8 Turbo
  • Added diagnostic support for instrument clusters (Note that not all instrument clusters are diagnosable.)
  • Added Motronic 2.10 to add support for 1995 993 with OBD2 connectors
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected K-Line selection issue affecting some Tiptronic cars.
  • Corrected ignitions (vehicle info) that were displayed as negative on some cars.
Version 2.4.1
May 31st 2006
  • Ported improvements made to DME protocol over to ABS, Heating, and Tiptronic
Version 2.4
May 29th 2006
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected 993 protocol problems, affecting "M14" firmware version of 993
Version 2.3.1
May 20th 2006
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected Cayenne airbag reading wrong address
Version 2.3
May 20th 2006
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected program errors for Cayenne control modules
  • Removed support section of about page
  • Changed logging to save to text file /log.txt
Version 2.2
May 4th 2006
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed actual values for Motronic 7.2, and 7.8
Version 2.1
April 27th 2006
Added Porsche 997, Boxster (987), Cayman (987) (997, 987, Cayman)
  • DME 7.8.x
  • Tiptronic
  • ABS 5.7
Updated Porsche 9X6 (996 & Boxster)
  • Added ABS 5.7
Updated Porsche 1996-1998 993 (New 933 features requires blue/yellow adapter cable)
  • Added ABS 5
  • Added Tiptronic
  • Added Heating and A/C
Bug Fixes
  • Improved timing on 993 protocol
  • Fixed support submit error when log exceded 10,000 bytes
Outstanding known issues
  • Actual Values on Motronic 7.2
Version 2.0
April 1st 2006
Added Porsche 955 (Cayenne)
  • DME 7.1
  • Tiptronic
  • Cluster
  • Gateway
  • Electrical System
  • Steering Column Switch
  • PCM2
  • Transfer case
  • Kessy
  • Air conditioning
  • Wiper
Updated Porsche 9X6 (996 & Boxster)
  • Added Tiptronic
  • Added Actual Values to DME
  • Added Actual Values to ABS
  • Added ECU information to DME
Added 1996-1998 Porsche 993)
  • DME 5.2
Version 1.0
January 1st 2006
Added Porsche 9X6 (996 & Boxster)
  • DME 5.2.2
  • DME 7.2
  • DME 7.8
  • Airbag
  • ABS 5.3
  • Heating & A/C
  • Seat Memory
  • Alarm (read codes only)