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Which generation cable do I have?
  • First generation cables were sold through February 2008. Cables sold after February 2008, with very few exceptions, are second-generation cables.
  • The cables with a box in the middle of the wire are first generation cables and are not compatible with version 6.
  • Cables with the electronics inside the 16-pin OBDII connector can be either first or second generation cables:
    • If the cable has the LED light on the side that reads "for use on: PORSCHE," then it is a second generation interface cable and it is compatible with version 6.
    • If the cable has the LED light on the side that reads "Enthusiast Version" or "Professional Version," then it is a first generation cable and it is not compatible with version 6.
  • Customers with first generation cables can upgrade to second generation cables for $150 USD (shipping and updated accessories additional).
  • For more information about why we are not supporting the first generation interfaces and details about upgrading a 1st-generation cable, see our Upgrade FAQ
How much to upgrade my cable?
The price is US$150 plus shipping and includes a new interface adapter and small storage case. Accessories are available at an additional cost.
How do I upgrade my old cable?
See the How to Upgrade page.
Why doesn't version 6.0 support the old cables?
We chose not to support the original interface cables for the following reasons:
  • Some new modules require simultaneous communications on both CAN and K-line. Our first gen interfaces are not capable of doing this.
  • Speed, some of the new features like short test, and automatic vehicle recognition were possible because of the much faster speed of the 2nd gen interface. If we were supporting both interfaces these features would be painfully slow for both cable types and would slow down the overall performance of the software. When we support two interface types the software constantly has to check what type of interface is in use. This adds a lot of overhead to a program that is communications intensive.
  • Baud rate limitations, in some cases we are able to connect to the cars control modules at fast baud rates to get faster results. For example with the second gen interface we can process actual values at 166,000 baud, while the original interface is only capable of supporting 10400 baud.
  • Updatable firmware. The first gen interfaces firmware is not updateable. This does not allow us to upgrade the software in the cable over time as new module types come out. With the 2nd gen interfaces we can create updated firmware files to update the software in the cable as needed.
  • Communications test, when problems arise, it is often useful to test the status of the communications networks in the car. The 2nd gen cable can do this through a k-line test and the first gen cannot.
  • By focusing our development effort on one interface it gives us more time to develop better features instead of spending time trying to get an outdated interface to do things it was not designed to do.
Does this mean I will never have to buy a new cable?
Not necessarily. With technology, things are always changing. We are always looking for ways to do more and sometimes the means upgrading the hardware. We currently do not have any plans to change the current interface adapter. But this does not mean that we will never change it. As new faster micro controllers become available, we may decide to change interfaces cables again in the future. We plan to support any interface for at least 18 months from the time it was sold.
Can I upgrade from Enthusiast to Professional kit?
Yes! If you purchased your kit direct from Durametric, you can upgrade to a professional version at any time. We apply your original purchase price towards purchase of a professional kit. We now offer a professional version with just the interface cable so that you will not have to purchase the round adapter and extension cord if you do not need it. If you purchased your enthusiast kit from a reseller, you can still upgrade to a kit. In these cases we will apply $247 for the return of the Enthusiast kit towards the purchase of a professional kit.
I have a first generation Enthusiast kit. Can I still upgrade to a second generation Professional version?
Yes, the same upgrade program applies no matter how old your kit is.
I have an original Durametric cable with a white label before there was a professional version. What will I get when I upgrade to a second generation interface?
When we first started making cables there was not a different version for Enthusiast or Professional. When we started selling two versions all cables sold before this time were made into Professional versions. You can see this by looking at the version in Durametric 5. Note that not all white labeled cables are Professional versions but most of them are. If your cable shows up in Durametric 5 as a professional version it will be upgraded to second generation professional version interface cable.
When upgrading to a second generation interface will I get one of the new storage cases?
Yes! You will receive the new single cable storage case along with your new cable.
Will I get a new round adapter and extension cable as part of the upgrade?
The round adapter and extension cable is not included in the upgrade price. If you would like to get these items at the same time they are $60 each. If you order the additional accessories you will also get the appropriate case that goes with them.