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Porsche Diagnostic Codes: Read and Clear Trouble Codes

The Durametric Diagnostic software is capable of displaying and clearing engine trouble codes on most Porsche control modules. Most Porsches made since 1990 have multiple computers built into different parts of the car that are capable of self-diagnosis. In other words, the car knows what is wrong and illuminates a general indicator light on the instrument panel to notify you.

Learning about the cause of the trouble typically results in relying on a Porsche dealer to read the information and report to you the corrective options. The Durametric tool allows you to easily see and interpret any trouble codes to better understand your Porsche’s repair and maintenance needs.

Below is a snapshot of the Durametric program showing the codes of a Porsche 911 engine. For each trouble code triggered on the car’s computer, Durametric provides user-friendly descriptions, P-codes, factory fault codes, and even repair information when available. Here you can also see the button “Erase fault memory” that allows you to clear out the code that triggers the indicator light.