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Troubleshooting tips for Porsche Cayenne

Here is a list of the most common problems and solutions specifically for the Porsche Cayenne

Service Reminder
If the instrument cluster does not reset automatically when resetting the service reminder, remove the instrument cluster fuse for ten seconds with the key out before replacing the fuse. If the car has a fault in one of the non-critical systems it can trigger a service now indicator. Check each system for faults.

Connectivity Issues
Porsche Cayennes use the CAN bus for diagnostics. The CAN bus will go into sleep mode after only a few minutes if the car's engine is not running. To prevent this, you can either start the car's engine (when it's safe to do so) or turn on the hazard lights (emergency flashers) just after turning on the car's ignition. For 2003 - 2004 models, press the brake pedal to wake up the CAN bus.

Can't access the instrument cluster
This often indicates that the instrument cluster control unit must be reset. This can be especially true if attempts are made to use a VAG diagnostic tool on the car. To reset the cluster, remove the instrument cluster fuse for 10 seconds with the key out.

Can't access any units other than engine and tiptronic
The likely reason is that the instrument cluster, through which all other modules' diagnostic information passes, is faulty or is shorted to ground. This happens frequently when aftermarket electronics are added to the car.

6-cylinder engine control units
From 2003 - 2006, the Porsche Cayennes all used the same engine control unit, regardless of being 6- or 8-cylinder engines. This is the reason you will see cylinders 7 & 8 in the Actual Values of the tool, regardless of it being a 6-cylinder engine.

To access the headlight unit(s), the headlights must be turned on.