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Troubleshooting tips for Porsche Boxster (987), Cayman, and 911 (997)

Here is a list of the most common problems and solutions specifically for the Porsche Boxster (987), Cayman, and 911 (997)

Service Reminder
Be sure there are no fault codes in the engine, instrument cluster, ABS, or airbag units. Durametric version must be or higher. If the instrument cluster does not reset automatically when resetting the service reminder, remove the instrument cluster fuse for ten seconds with the key out before replacing the fuse.

Connectivity Issues
These newer cars use the CAN bus for diagnostics. The CAN bus will go into sleep mode after only a few minutes if the car's engine is not running. To prevent this, you can either start the car's engine (when it's safe to do so) or turn on the hazard light (emergency flashers) just after turning on the car's ignition.

Drive links conditions not correct
When activating drive links you may recieve the message in the status bar that read "Conditions are not correct" this is the response from the control module indicating that some other conditions need to be met before the drive link can be carried out. For example, some drive links may require a specific operating tempurature or a specific RPM. These condtions can be found in the factory manual.

Can't access DME, alarm, or tiptronic
Diagnostic communication to these units is managed through a gateway. The instrument cluster in the 987/997 doubles as the gateway and often must be reset to restore communication to those units. To reset, remove the instrument cluster fuse for 10 seconds with the key out.

Ignitions ranges
Durametric is capable of displaying the engine over-rev information. On the 987 and 997, this is broken into six catagories: ranges 1 - 6.
    Range 1 - 7200-7500 (7300 - 7500 for 911)
    Range 2 - 7500-7700
    Range 3 - 7700-7900
    Range 4 - 7900-8400
    Range 5 - 8400-9500
    Range 6 - 9500 and up. This occurs when the engine is mechanically overreved by shifting into a lower gear and mechanically exceeding the rev-limiter.
The number shown is each spark ignition over the rev-limiter. The hours displayed next to each range value is the number of operating hours when the last ignition occured.