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Troubleshooting tips for Porsche Boxster (986) and 911 (996)

Here is a list of the most common problems and solutions specifically for the Porsche Boxster and 996

Alarm Modules
Since the alarm module is below the driver's seat, it is prone to getting wet. This is especially true in the Boxster when the convertible top drain-tubes are blocked. Since the communications wire to the DME is routed thorugh the alarm control module, when the alarm module is faulty the DME will be inacessable.

Fault codes for O2 sensors
It is common to recieve fault codes 1128, 1130, and a few other indicating oxygen sensing adaptation Bank 1 and Bank 2. When you get O2 sensor faults for both banks at the same time it is usually not an oxygen sensor fault but rather a problem with the mass airflow sensor or a vacuum leak.

ABS/PSM triggers fault from DME
Some fault codes stored in the DME will trigger a fault in the ABS/PSM system. When the DME is not able to correctly deliver the engine current torque to the PSM system it will trigger an ABS/PSM fault. After correcting the DME fault simply clear the fault codes in the ABS/PSM module.

Range 1 and Range 2 ignitions
Durametric is capable of displaying the engine abuse information. On the Boxster and 996, this is broken into two catagories: range 1 and range 2.
Range 1 is rev-limiter usage. Every time the rev-limiter is used, the range 1 value will increment for each spark igntion at the rev-limiter.
Range 2 is the over-rev. This is occurs when the engine is mechanically overreved by shifting into a lower gear and mechanically exceeding the rev-limiter. The number shown is each spark ignition over the rev-limiter. The hours displayed next to each range value is the operating hours when the last igntion occured.

Instrument clusters
Instrument clusters did not store fault codes until the 2002 model year. If you are working on a car earlier than model year 2002, then the instrument cluster is not accessible.