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Question: The software won't open after installation with a message indicating "Durametric has stopped working". What do I do?
Answer: After installing the software, connect the Durametric cable to the car (ignition on) and computer and allow Windows a few moments to install the cable hardware. Once complete, the program should open without more difficulty.

Question: Will this software clear the "Service Now" that is displayed in the instrument cluster?
Answer: Yes! This software can clear the service reminder on all supported Porsches.

Question: What is the difference between the Enthusiast kit and the Professional kit?
Answer: The Enthusiast kits are limited to use on 3 cars - managed by VIN, not model. The Professional kit has no limit to the number of cars on which it can be used. With the introduction of Durametric version 6, the Professional kits alone gain the ability to perform Coding changes on supported control units. Coding is the ability to make setup changes to the car and is not related to the ability to read and clear fault codes which is supported by all kit types.

Question: What is Coding?
Answer: Coding is the ability to change predefined editible settings on control units that support the option. Settings typically include those that localize the car for a particular market (e.g., the language or units of measure displayed on the instrument cluster) or enable or disable car variations (e.g., with our without chronometer, LED lights, etc...).

Question: Why doesn't the Enthusiast kit support Coding?
Answer: This was a business decision based on the margin of the Enthusiast kit and the cost of support. By popular demand, the Enthusiast kits support enabling the OBC which, technically, is a Coding option.

Question: Can I add VINs to my Enthusiast cable?
Answer: No. The Enthusiast kits support only three VINs. If more VINs are needed, all Enthusiast kits can be upgraded to Professional for only the difference in price plus shipping.

Question: What models does Durametric support?
Answer: For a current list of supported models, see the Model Feature matrix. We are always working on new models and features.

Question: Does this software work on European Specification or ROW (Rest Of World) cars?
Answer: Yes! This software works on all models we support regardless of the country for which the car was made.

Question: Can this software recalibrate the mileage?
Answer: No. This software cannot change the mileage on any car.

Question: Can the software reset the service reminder? The car's instrument cluster says "Maintenance is due in xxx miles."
Answer: Yes! Durametric can clear the service reminder on all Porsche vehicles that support one. To do so, expand the Instrument Cluster folder, click Commands, then click Send.
Note: "Service Now" is different than "Maintenance due in..." The "Service Now" message is an indication that there is a fault code stored in one of the car's systems. "Maintenance Due" is the car's service reminder.

Question: Does the tool come with a warranty?
Answer: Yes! Hardware purchased from Durametric is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of six (6) months from receipt by the end-user. All defective hardware must be returned to us at the customer's expense. Durametric will ship repaired or replacement goods to the customer at our expense using a comparable method of shipment. This warranty does not cover any damage caused by neglect or misuse.

Question:Can I use a power inverter to power my computer from the car's 12-Volt system when using Durametric?
Answer:No! Power inverters must not be used. Damage to your car, Durametric, or the computer is possible. Durametric's warranty does not cover damage caused by the use of a power inverter.

Question:My anti-virus software by Avira detects TR/Crypt.XPACK.Gen8 virus in the durametric.exe file. Is your software infected?
Answer: No, the software is safe. The durametric.exe uses encryption to prevent reversal which is being detected by the AV program.

Question: Are software updates available?
Answer: Yes, and they're free! If you purchase one of our tools, you are entitled to free software updates for as long as you own the tool.

Question: What can Durametric software do for my car?
Answer: It can help you read diagnostic trouble codes with description, capture actual values, activate drive links, and reset the indicator light for nearly all Porsche systems. Check our Model Feature Matrix for details.

Question: Will this software allow me to see the over-revs of my engine?
Answer: Yes! On the 996 and Boxster 986, the software will show you range 1 and range 2 ignitions (over-revs). On the 997, Boxster and Cayman 987, we display all 6 ranges. See our video on over-revs here. Also, here is a screen shot.

Question: What control modules can be accessed and reset with this software?
Answer: Please see our Model Feature Matrix for details.

Question: Can the software help me bleed the brakes?
Answer: Yes! The tool supports this on the 964 C4, 986/987 Boxster and 996/997 911.

Question: Can the software enable the on board computer (OBC)?
Answer: With the use of the version 6 software and a 2nd-generation Enthusiast or Professional cable, Durametric can enable the OBC.

Question: Can the software change the odometer reading of the car?
Answer: No.

Question: Can the software re-program the keys and remotes for Porsche cars?
Answer: Not at this time.

Question: Can the software readout the ECU's memory?
Answer: In some cases stored data is available for read only. Example: You can read the VIN associated with the DME, though Durametric cannot change it.

Question: Why do you use USB cables?
Answer: USB has been standard on all laptops made for the last 6+ years while serial ports - the most common alternative - are almost non-existent.

Question: What type of USB port is required?
Answer: The tool supports all USB port versions.

Question: Do you make software for VW / Audi?
Answer:No. For VW/Audi, we recommend the VCDS product by Ross Tech.

Question: Is the Durametric interface cable compatible with the Porsche System Tester (PST2), or PIWIS software?
Answer: No, our hardware is not compatible with any factory Porsche software.

Question: Can I capture 0-60 figures and other performance metrics?
Answer: No, we do not support any performance metrics using our software. Though you can log and save actual values and analyze this in an Excel spreadsheet.

Question: Can the software be installed on more than one computer?
Answer: Yes! You can install the software on as many computers as you like, and you can always download the latest version from our downloads page.

Question: Can Durametric flash my DME to enhance my car's performance?
Answer: The Durametric tool does not support flash programming, though some kits sold through authorized distributors also include the ability to flash-tune cars.

Question: How do I check the VINs stored by the tool?
Answer: Connect the tool to the computer, open the program, and go to Tools | Tool Information.

Question: Can the tool match a new DME or Alarm unit to my car?
Answer: No. This requires programming and is not supported by Durametric.

Question: Can I install Durametric on a computer running other programs?
Answer: Yes! There is only one known incompatibility and that is with Programma's PC Retriever. The two programs should not be installed on the same computer.

Question: If one end of the cable plugs into the computer, what does the other end of the cable plug into?
Answer: The other end of the cable plugs into the car's diagnostic port. This is the same port used by OBDII. Our cable was designed only for Porsche and should not be plugged into any other cars.